Miguel – Skywalker 

Miguel has always struck me as a recording artist that releases music if/when he wants to and not just cause the record label are demanding him to…Skywalker continues that perception

An intro that has Miguel’s alternative/funk infused vocals straight from the top accompanied by a quick diminishing tone that sounds like what you’d expect to hear in a superhero cartoon where Batman discovers something and you get this ‘meanwhile across town’ pop art graphic on screen. 

Your then given this trippy synth beat then kicks in to a super chilled, melodic piece of work which is just as psychedelic as the scenes in the video…spishhhhhh

A couple of occasions that will makes you smile and think “ahhhh I see what they done there” is the clever wordplay ‘Luke Skywalkin on these haters’ and ‘Top Gun on My Tom Cruise’ 

The only downside that jumps out to me is the Travis Scott verse, it could be good but the droney auto tune/distortion effect really bugs me!   

The last verse after the mini interlude highlights Miguel’s vocal ability – harmonic and soulful whilst having the ability to deliver fast/rhythmic lines successfully.
Skywalker is expected to be the lead single off of Miguel’s upcoming album, take a listen below

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