Plan B – in The Name Of Man

The first time and the first chance we’ve had to talk about new music from Ben Drew (aka Plan B) in 5 years!!!!  Easily one of the UK’s strongest talents…The way Ben floats across genre’s is captivating – listen to the hard hitting, in your face hip hop sound of the Ill Manors album and the more soulful Strickland Banks LP.

To be honest, I knew new music was coming from my time working at Warner Music but that was 3 years ago, I just figured those plans had gone south and had been forgotten about.

‘In the Name of Man’ is powerful and poinient record.

Lyrics like ‘all the hope in the world won’t wash away all the blood that’s on your hands to stay’ and ‘when it’s God’s words that you think you preach from a book that someone wrote that you read’ 

Lyrics that really resonate with everything happening  at the moment with extremist attacks, the attack in Manchester just this week for example.

The new album is still untitled but will be a sequel to the ‘Strickland Banks’ record, soulful, raw and emotive.

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