George Michael

This close to the end of the year I was hoping 2016 had decided it had taken enough musical icons (Prince, Bowie, George Martin and Leonard Cohen to name a few)

Despite the loss of all this talent George Michael has been the one musician that has made me actually stop and thing s**t! what a loss, he wasn’t one of these ‘superstars’ living it up in Hollywood, he was a guy from my ‘neck of the woods’ who I saw once at a Watford FC game down at Vicarage Road…..Relatable

Although he was a popstar heartthrob his charity/social conscience gave him more credit than just being a standard bubble-gum pop star, a man who had his own message and who wasn’t going to do as he was told, not by the public, not by the press, not by management neither the record company.

An individual with a vast in depth knowledge of the music industry, how it works and what really goes on inside a record label…..George – I salute you

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