2016 Has been a year which has failed to see a UK debut album go platinum! this feels quite a let down considering an artist/band only needs to shift 300k copies to achieve that status

Raye could be one of the new talents to break this in the following 12-18 months…There is definitely a buzz being created around her – being on BBC Music’s sound of 2017 poll, performing at Capital FM’s Jingle Bell Ball over the weekend and obviously her music

A saaaaaaffff London girl who despite only being 18 has been bubbling away on the circuit for quite a while, effortlessly fusing electronic beats and pop melodies with her smooth R&B vocals.

I’ve been a fan since first hearing her ‘Welcome To Winter’ EP and really loved her track from earlier in the year I, U, Us , an intro with striking orchestral strings and a creative setting for the video (directed by Charli XCX)

Having also worked with Blonde on ‘All Cried Out‘ (co-writer) and featuring on Jonas Blue’s latest release (take a listen below) Raye is someone you better get to know!

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