The Weeknd – Party Monster

Party Monster is the dark child of the ‘Starboy’ album, it has an intro isn’t that dissimilar to ‘Ashanti – Only You

Straight from the off there’s this BIG distorted electric guitar sound that forms an underlying continuous haunting/echoey melody, I’d personally be happy with that but then this beat punches you in the face 30 seconds in and it’s like the tracks just taken a couple steroids….Proper beefy!

Like a few tracks from the 2011 Mixtapes (House of Ballons, Thursday and Echos of Silence) Party Monster is quite sexual, lyrics like – I’ve seen her get richer on the pole, lips like Angelina, ass shaped like Selina….Is it objectifying women or is it just a lyric? I don’t know

Mentioning lyrics I’ve got a new favourite – I see her, take down that Tequila, down by the litre….I knew I had to meet her

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