Mollie King – Back To You

The debut from Mollie King, going solo from The Saturdays and she’s the kind of Saturday you’d spend with your girlfriend at your prospective in-laws trying to win over her folks with ill received banter

‘Back To You’ is an out and out pop record which starts off quite twinkly pop but the chorus comes in and you get a brief punch in the face with this dance beat, adds a layer of attitude…Positive and euphoric, it has has a uplifting feel and its something which sounds quite personnel to Mollie.

However that said I don’t feel this is as strong a debut as Zayne Malik’s……Somewhat down to Mollie & Zayne’s respective record labels  (The Saturdays versus 1 Direction…..yeah)

Everything aside though shoutout to Mollie for sticking with music, I love the video (the whole video in reverse thing I find super cool)

Expect to hear this on the next episode of TOWIE – Mark’s had another argument with Lauren….Suddenly she’s on her own, gazing out the window with that over thinking look.



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