Manu Crook$ – Blowin’ Up

Personally I love Australia, I think its an amazing country and I salute the music makers coming out of the land of Fosters and Kangeroo’s……Shoutout to Aussie MC Manu Crook$ for shaking things up with help from Miricle and DOPAMINE.

Although this samples one of the most recognised house tracks ever its brilliantly done, 3 guys ‘down under’ have managed to make it sound very different – in style, elements and target a completely different audience (something some electronic dance producers can’t seem to do)

Theres a range of musical genres crossed off in the 4 minute duration: Hip-Hop, R&B, Trap, Breakbeat….The additional elements are beautifully done – The tense underlying drone in the chorus is a great touch it sounds so big and haunting it raises hairs on the back of the neck….Slight use of auto tune and echo which adds more texture to the track, both work well together.

Check it out below – Uber everywhere just to whaaaaaa *hands in the air emoji*


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