Tinashe – Superlove

Not going to lie, I had to take a week off and compose myself when Tinashe pushed back the European leg of the Joyride tour, I was upset and angry……I couldn’t stay angry at bae though and I’m sooooo excited for new music!

She needs to be given her dues, right from the mixtapes Tinashe’s worked hard (how many mainstream artists can you think of that give something back to the loyal fans and create mixtapes/EP’s in-between actual albums?)

The album title was announced so long ago I’m hoping its almost finished as Superlove is so light and carefree it wouldn’t be a stretch to think Tinashe’s finished and slowly taking her foot off the pedal and lightening up slightly, flex her creative muscles

Elements of pop, dance and trap ‘Superlove’ has a  fast paced structure Just wait for the quick fire rhythms halfway through, delivered as rapidly as the 808 drums.

The Joyride album is set to drop in the fall, I just hope that RCA have given enough attention to Tinashe and the rest of their roster and not just focused their efforts on Zayne Malik’s recent solo career

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