Usher – Crash

Usher has been a personnel favourite for as long as I can remember and pop ya collar…..A new album set to drop over the summer (co produced with Skrillex, Diplo, Pharrell and Andrew Wansel to name a few)

Having mostly been in the mainstream for 17/18 years Usher is still ‘cool’ think about how many other artists that have been in the exact same boat, in the charts year after year but the interest in them has faded…..Possibly because they don’t have the same flair that Usher has! (going off on a tangent, back to music)

It’s been 4 years since the last album (Looking For Myself) and not to say that there hasn’t been new music because singles have been released in-between, albeit a bit sporadic there just hasn’t been an entire body of work.

The latest track is part of the upcoming album and listening to it I feel whoever is the inspiration behind the song must of been in the studio when Ush was recording, for each line to be delivered so sincerely, its emotional!

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