Makill Pane – GNGSTERS

A direct quote from Azealia Banks – y’all n***as in the UK can’t rap, at least not to our standards (I could have a sly dig at Fetty Wap here) and after last weeks racial/discriminatory outburst she now come back with her tail between her legs!

GNGSTERS is a song which is refreshing and its different from a huge percentage of music in that the subject matter isn’t about being a ‘baller’ having ‘honeyz’ or constantly being ‘in the club’ it’s about the gentrification of London’s East End, talking about your home….It’s something which has had a resurgence in rap/hip-hop of late,  ‘Kano – This Is England ‘and ‘Drake – Views/Views From The 6’

Back to GNGSTERS, the song is pure fire, HOT lyricism accompanied by a video with fresh/animated graphics, a few acknowledgements you might recognise, take a look below

p.s – I like the lack of professional lighting, with the majority of light being that of the passing streetlights.


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