M.O – No Foolish Love

If you don’t catch peoples attention in the first 30 seconds their gone! However I think musically on occasions it does work if you take the time to build/create something.

Thats been the story for M.O, coming together 4 years ago but really only getting recognition in the last couple years…I find slowly putting out music has worked for them, giving the time for Annie, Frankee & Nadine to find their sound/place and fuse together as a solid girl band as opposed to releasing music just for the sake of it. 

No Foolish Love is pure fire and when it starts out with soft piano lines I’d be happy just with that but then the drums come in with that bass and then you get the vocals where the harmonies are so on point its ridiculous!

Sharp lyrics like ‘you know how to make me happy, and if I fall I know you’ll be there to catch me’ having such a fast paced/rhythmic delivery  it feels like the girls can spit some rhymes 🙂

Polydor/Operator Rcords may have the British TLC on their roster 🙂

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