All Saints – One Woman Man

IS THIS REAL!!!!!! the first time in 10 years that there’s been a chance to talk about new music from the four-piece behind hits like Rock Steady, Pure Shore, Never Ever, Chick Fit and Dreams….It may just be nostalgia but is anyone else ridiculously excited to  see the comeback of Shaznay, Nicole, Natalie & Melanie ?

The second release from the new album – One Woman Man is a big uplifting ballad with an infectious chorus and it is a song with heart and a song where everything is continuously together with some kick ass strings, wait for the break around 2 mins in, big/powerful vocals.

All Saints are a staple of the 90’s and going by their latest releases proves the girls are still as strong as they were back in the day and still fit together in terms of their harmonies and simplicity.

Obviously with a new album brings a new tour, the first for 15 years and it’s a gig I’ll definitely be going to 😉

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