One of the UK’s youngest producers who has been consistent in making music over the past few years Keeno (William to his parents) isn’t just a credit to Drum & Bass but to UK music, honestly just one of the good guys who is awesome in having his work paint an image in mind (Intentionally or not)

Nocturne‘ makes me think of a cold Winters night in New York City, theres snow, steam pouring out of man hole covers in the street

Hold Ya‘ It wouldn’t sound out of place being played on a speaker in the middle of a field in the country in the summer as the night comes in, just really chilled and mellow (sounds cliche but it does genuinely have a vibe to it)

Listening to the new 16 track LP the one tracks that stands out is ‘A Breath‘ an absolute Sunday morning soother with help from Alice Gasson

If you have a few quid burning a hole in your back pocket its definitely worth a buy, if you don’t like it I’ll personally give you the money back…Honestly it’s that good



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