British Females

Before anything let me point out this blog is about CURRENT music, forget the female icons, their a story for another day

I’m going to go ahead a say the UK music industry has made the biggest investment in new female talent over the past 18 months which is still as strong heading into 2016 as it was when it started back in mid 2014, a solid developing stable of talent consisting of Jess Glynne, Charli XCX, Becky Hill, Etta Bond, Melissa Steel, Kate Stewart, Jessie Ware and Sasha Keeble

Nobody else does females quite like the UK, The absolute queen even overshadowing Taylor Swift – Adele

Personally I can’t wait to see new talent in 2016 and here’s some women I’m looking forward to hearing more from over the next 12 months


Camden Cox

Kemi Sulola


Sophia Lee


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