Drake – Hotline Bling

I have this image of the first day on set on the ‘Hotline Bling’ video going like this

Record label – Aubrey, welcome to the set! really excited about this video, we’ve got a great choreographer!

Drake – Yeah send her home! I got this! (Cue the dozens of meme’s taking the mick out of Drizzy’s salsa dancing)


It’s been a busy year for Drake, despite it being 2 years since the last album, he has dropped 2 mixtapes since the start of 2015 and Hotline Bling is both one of the years biggest hits and a piece of Drakes finest work!

The track originally released in the summer the video only debuted on Apple Music 3 weeks ago, a smart way to ensure a slightly longer buzz around the track.

Hotline Bling is currently sitting at 4 in the Worldwide Shazam chart, a combined 2386 plays on UK radio last week and has spent the last 10 weeks in the Billboard Hot 100.

If Drake isn’t your sort of thing, here’s THE original Hotline Bling


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