Sam Smith

Sam Smith is one of those RARE talents that was just there after ‘Latch‘ Globally famous with no talent show/no gradual built in profile or fan base…He was just there with a voice which brought back the old fashioned male vocalist that is enjoyed by a 6 year old child as much as a 60 year old grandparent.

it’s imperative to remember Sam only came onto the scene 3 years ago but was the only artist to sell 1 million albums in the UK and the US last year….With dozens of other awards/nominations his latest recognition see’s him become the only person to have had a number 1 Bond theme song.

Writing’s On The Wall is as big and cinematic as you’d expect for a Bond Theme but compared to those that have gone before it is much more haunting & sombre although it does share the large orchestra sound that was in ‘Skyfall

The video shows clips of the film which makes me feel that Spectre will be a film which see’s Bond vulnerable and lacking his usual brash, clever, arrogant personality…Take a look below

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