Braxton – 21 Days

A killer debut to take note of from Brighton boy ‘Braxton’ a producer who brings a refreshing mood to house/dance music.

House/dance, a genre which has been littered with some crappy work of late, a wave of music producers who have just recycled old 80’s/90’s/00’s tracks, whats the point in doing that! its lazy! create something original and something that will stand out, that should be your job as a musician, push yourself and go above the status quo…This is why I have a great deal of respect for Braxton.

’21 Days’ is a track which combines elements of dance/house/soul, the intro is light/airy and wouldn’t sound out of place at a pool party in Ibiza, then the moody bass kicks in and your suddenly transported to a ‘Warehouse Project’ rave in Manchester

I may be looking a bit to much into it but take a listen below.


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