M.O – Preach

Testing the water with some hot R&B flavours M.O have been creating a name for themselves over the past 12 months and have started to get noticed after sampling Sweet Female Attitude’s – I’ll Bring You Flowers and working with Linden Jay on Bugaboo 2014.

Preach is the first real introduction to the girls and has a hook that will have you humming for days!!!! although it has a large 90’s influence it still sounds super super fresh and Frankee, Nadine, Annie – Double denim has never looked so good!

Aside from Stooshe their hasn’t been a UK girl group representing R&B since Mis-Teeq and thats where M.O fit in, a 2015 Miss-Teeq….major R&B flavours

The single isn’t released till May 3rd but in the meantime take a look at the video below


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